Container Veggie Garden

One of the best tomatoes I ever had was one that I grew myself, from a container. At the time, I lived in an apartment that had a token front yard with perfectly green grass that looked so inviting to be digged in but I don’t think the landlord would have been too happy with me if I did that. So, I stuck to a few containers that sat in the sun most of the day, just what tomatoes love. I got so much satisfaction from those three pots that summer. This spring, I’m growing some veggies from seeds, so it should be interesting! With Earth day, this upcoming Monday why not honor it by investing  in a little veggie garden, whether it be in your backyard or in a few pots, the reward is a juicy tomato, grown just a few feet away from your front door. Happy gardening!

For containers, I like to use terra cotta pots because they are durable and I just love their rustic quality. When container gardening, always allow for good drainage. Depending on how big of a a container, placing a few inches of gravel on the bottom of the pot works well. Once the time comes, you can always pick up a few veggies plants at your local flower nursery, if you haven’t started them from seeds. Check for the frost dates in your area and talk to your neighbors that garden for any tips. Don’t forget to add in your garden gnome to help your veggies grow! ;)

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