Peonies in a Fishbowl

Was it my lucky day, one day last week as I found this fishbowl at the recycling center! I decided against the fish fearing Daisy the dog would fall into a fit of jealous rage and push the bowl over the tables’ edge as she would see me dote over our new pets. I even had names for them, Henry and Gail but Daisy is the boss, so I’m using the fish bowl as a vase instead. It’s safer for all of us and with the gorgeous peonies available this time of year, it’s just the perfect flower to fill my new “vase”. I love peonies, they are so pretty and smell like a perfect spring day. When picking out your peonies get a few tight buds to mix in with a few that are opened already so you enjoy your bouquet a little longer. I got one bunch that was opening up with some tight buds and by the time I got home they opened up quite a bit. Give your vase some room so the petals fall where they may, making an even more interesting arrangement.

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