The Great Gravlax Experiment: The Final Chapter

I went through a bit of a gravlax obsession back in December and early January of this year. And I thought I was pretty much done, little did I know I would be making the silky, salty indulgence once again, a few months later. I call this the last chapter but maybe, don’t quote me. I thought the Fuggedaboutit method was pretty much the last of the experiments but here we are again. I was watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on Food Network and forgive me but I don’t remember the restaurants’ name but it is Swedish and as the chef started to make the buried salmon, my eyes were glued. This is a bit modified, as on day 3 or 4, he flipped the fish and I chopped my dill, instead of keeping it whole and I didn’t add the customary akvavit, instead I added a shot of vodka and I added juniper berries. What allured me was he didn’t put a weight on it. Each time I made the gravlax, I put a big paver stone on top of layers of brown paper, with cling wrap underneath. It looked a little sad and less glamorous of a process that I think gravlax should be, lol. This method, ladies and gents is glamorous. No unglamorous paver stone or brick sitting in your refrigerator for days! And he used substantially less salt than I have. I was excited to try this new method, probably a real classic way to do it but it’s been fun experimenting and has brought us here. Enjoy and Happy Weekend!


  • 1 pound salmon, skin left on
  • kosher salt
  • 5 juniper berries
  • chopped dill, stems and all, a nice amount to coat the fish completely
  • a shot of vodka

In a non-reactive dish, lay the fish down, flesh side up and sprinkle the shot of vodka over it. Sprinkle kosher salt all over the fish but not going crazy, the way I was in previous experiments. I was literally burying the fish in salt. This is a nice sprinkling, covering it completely. Dot it with juniper berries and top with a generous amount of dill. Cover with two layers of plastic wrap and allow to sit for 4 days. I didn’t flip mine on the third day as the chef did, I left it and had pretty good results.


And this time, as per the chefs’ instructions, I didn’t rinse the salty dill mixture off, I just scrapped everything off with a spoon and I’m not sure if that made a difference but the dill flavor was outstanding. I really liked the way this came out. Hope you do too!

DSC05700Serve the gravlax with sour cream on top of crispy crackers, dotted with mustard. Or any glamorous way you fancy! Enjoy!

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