The NoseFrida

Yesterday, I didn’t find a pot of gold at the end of any rainbow or see any cute little leprechauns leaping around the yard. (I don’t blame them, it’s still snow covered. Although I walked little Daisy-dog today and saw some pale greenery shooting up through the dirt, where it was visible. A sign that spring is indeed, around the corner!) But this NoseFrida is the closest thing to a pot of gold for a mom of a stuffy-nosed babe. My little guy couldn’t sleep, he was so stuffed up. I bought one of those little kits for babies that has a a little of everything, a thermometer and one of those bulbs that takes boogies out but it just didn’t work for us. I wanted to take the little guy out of his misery. I wanted him to breathe and after a little searching, the next day, at my local CVS, I found this wonderful, fantastic, where-have-you-been-type of product…The NoseFrida…the snotsucker. Yes, even the guy at CVS joked with me, “I guess you are gonna be sucking some snots out huh?” I proudly said, “Yes, yes I am and I can’t wait!” My little guy was much better in the daytime but once night came around, the nose was filled and it was my chance to try out the NoseFrida and it worked, like a dream. It helped my babe breathe and with him breathing he was able to fall asleep and so were we. My little pot of gold. A must have for stuffy noses.


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