Reclaimed Key Necklace

Last weekend, I went to Applefest in upstate New York.  I look forward to it every year and among all of the vendors, I found this sweet little necklace made with vintage keys. I’ve always loved wearing keys and at $6 a necklace, you can afford to layer them up and to give as gifts! You can contact the designer at for a little key to happiness. Enjoy!


Obsessed: Precious Metals Necklace

It’s August, my most favorite month of the year and to start off the month, I want to share with you the sweeeetest necklace, that I am obsessed with lately. A couple of weekends ago, my husband and I had a nice weekend getting lost in the New England area. And one shop that I stumbled upon was Green Envy in Newport, Rhode Island; an eco-boutique where I found this sweet necklace by Jaymee Luu, who travels the country in search of broken or unloved antique and vintage jewelry and then upcycles them into necklaces. The necklaces Jaymee designs are sterling silver or fourteen carat gold fill and at a great price of $38 dollars, you just can’t help do something good for the earth, while treating yourself. Check out the Green Envy’s shop at for more eco-friendly and fair trade clothing and gifts. And for the month of August, get 10% off your Precious Metals Necklace by Jaymee when you mention Bliss House Happiness. Send an e-mail to for pictures of the latest collection.


Bliss House Happiness is taking a little R&R and will be back around the 12th. Till then, Happy August and enjoy the last bits of summer…and happy shopping!

Accessorize It!

Necklaces are not just for completing outfits. They can be used around the home to accessorize everything from the backs of empty chairs to potted house plants. When accessorizing with jewelry, you want to find an extra special piece. Vintage necklaces embellished with brooches make a statement for everything from that ho-hum side console table to your favorite framed picture of your pooch. Even paintings and lampshades look better when a dainty jeweled chain necklace hangs from them, giving them a whole new look. Simple straight pins help with attaching to the inside of fabric lampshades and small nails can be useful when working with wood, such as the mirror below. Keep an eye out for ornate necklaces when shopping around antique shops, you never know what you’ll find and what a special touch it will bring to not only your outfit but to your home also. Happy accessorizing!

Earring Storage & Display

I love all kinds of wire baskets, the older looking, the better, especially with extra crooked wires. This basket was holding papers, that needed to be filed. Boring! We want fun today! So, I thought how cool would it be hung on the wall displaying earrings*? This would look great in a group of three, one for the earrings, one for bracelets and one for necklaces, especially on a fun colored wall. You want to use a shallow wire basket. (I got this one at ABC Carpet & Home, months ago, on sale.) Begin by holding up your wire basket and press in push pins into the corners or for a little more permanence, nails with large heads to securely hold your basket. Give yourself some room from the wall, so you can comfortably remove and put back your jewelry. Have fun making your jewelry masterpiece!

                                            *Not useful for post back earrings.

Initial Charm

Over the weekend, we went to Applefest in upstate New York, a street fair that is never void of a couples walking hand in hand, kids running around with freshly painted faces, laughing, dogs on leashes and lots of great stuff! And you have to have a game plan, arrive earlier than you think reasonable and stop at Cafe Ala Mode for a cup of graham cracker flavored coffee. And after that first sip, “Ahhhhh,” you’re ready to walk and get lost among vendors, the farmer market and the smells of street fairs. We ducked around a corner for some privacy, as we took bites of fried dough topped with powdery sugar, maneuvering ourselves with the wind, to avoid getting sprayed with white powder. (My husband was successful, I was not and wore black, lol. Patterned outfits are best when dealing with street fair food.) We marched on and had to keep an eye on Daisy as she randomly took licks of the street, lol. She was a really happy dog that day. On the side streets, there were garage sales tucked in between vendors and I was a happy girl that day too. After my garage sale rush, I found such an awesome rustic initial charm that I am currently obsessed with! If this is something that you would like, you can find your initial at Enter blisshousehappiness at the coupon code, at check out and get 10% off your total purchase! Offer is good through November 30, 2012. These are nice when layering your childrens’ initials and would make a great gift!

Push Pin Necklace Board

I love all types of jewelry and like having it out for ease. And I was eyeing my push pin board and thought to myself, “ That would be the coolest little display to hold necklaces!” It can rest on a dresser and lean against the wall, in your bedroom or it can be hung on the wall in the living room or hallway, like a piece of art. The nice thing about storing your necklaces this way is you can put your favorites on your board available at your fingertips to spice up an outfit in a jiffy. Also, you can take away and add to your collection as the seasons change. You can check out June 8th post, A Bunch of Necklaces to see another way to display your jewels. Just use any push pin board or cork board that you love and clear push pins to hold your necklaces in place. Have fun and happy pinning! ;)

A Bunch of Necklaces

I found this cool cardboard mannequin at a garage sale for 50 cents. I couldn’t believe it! I handed over my two quarters and wedged her under my arm. I may have done a little skip on the way to the car, I was excited! She sat on my dresser, (unstably) for a while, little by little collecting my necklaces. She has some bruises on her. She has fallen over so many times ending with a bunch of necklaces on the floor, at times, sadly tangled. It may have been the umpteenth time that she fell over, when I saw another solution. Hanging her up from the ceiling! With the help of my hubby, we rigged together a coat rack and the mannequin! And I think it looks great! I’ve always let design reign over function but with a little effort, you can have both! Happy Decorating!

We first pulled the coat rack through the center of the mannequin, she already had a center so it was easier. Then we drilled into her back so the coat rack and Nellie would be secure. Then we screwed in an eye screw with ring to the top of the coat rack. We then attached a flat hook (the two screws really makes a difference in holding its’ weight) to the ceiling. Make sure that it can handle the weight. We then used brass snap hooks to link the two together and the necklaces are easier that ever to get to, without falling over.


Wearing charms has a long history that sits deep in protection, magic, power and spirituality. I love charms and over the years have collected a few that I mix and match depending on what’s going on in my life. A favorite is my little lady bug, being bearers of good luck. Being a little girl, seeing a lady bug made my day, especially if she landed on me. I would tell her my wish and she would fly away, leaving a little sprinkling of good luck behind. In my mind, she went around collecting wishes from little boys and girls to fly up to heaven to whisper into God’s ear. Then she came back down to munch on some leaves and go to sleep under a BIG leaf to repeat the same mission tomorrow. Since she has super powers, she could do it, no space ship required. Everyone likes to believe in something, anything that gives us comfort, and that’s what charms really are, a comfort of sorts. Religious symbols, semi-precious stones, four-leaf clovers, a loved ones’ initial, all a protective shield. I’ve lost my favorite pair of earrings at least four times, yesterday being one of them. I had given them up for lost, forever. We went to the lake yesterday and coming out of the water, I realized my left earring was gone. When the area we were in emptyed out a little, I actually went back into the water, doing a two-step. I probably looked so silly. I didn’t care that I was waltzing solo, as I hoped to step on my lost earring, that I imagined was laying on the bottom of the lake, waiting for me. After my sad dance time in the water, I came out, empty-handed. Sitting with disappointment, in my beach chair, I said a prayer to St. Anthony, “St. Anthony, St. Anthony please come around something has been lost and can’t be found.” Packing up a little later on, I was getting over it, “It’s just a thing” I told myself. Later on that night, I sat on the couch reading and my husband came over to me with a smile on his face, “Is this what you were looking for?” My lost earring!!! I was in disbelief, and so the charm that I wear at times, its’ symbolism connected to the patron saint of lost things, worked! He heard my prayer! :)

Here is my little collection of protective amulets, I love mixing and matching them! I’ve found most of  these in jewelry shops or street fairs, I’m still looking for a really small cross.
Going down:
 Row 1: the Holy Spirit over the Holy family medallion, a key with a peace dove, a chunk of amethyst, a stone  that bring a calm and serenity.
 Row 2: a ladybug, Hamsa hand, a hand of protection.
 Row 3:  St. Anthony medallion (thank you for my earring!) an hour glass, a reminder of precious time and a branch, that is a tradition from Norway, as one girl explained to me, when one went into the forest, you would break off a branch of a tree for protection, to guard you against a storm, when it came along. Translated beautifully into a sterling silver branch worn as protection during a personal storm.
Hope this inspired you to start a collection of your own that makes you feel good. :)