The Candle Shop in Sugarloaf, NY

There is a little candle shop located in the town of Sugarloaf in upstate New York that is just a little piece of happiness. The whole street is a sweet place to spend a sleepy day, hopping from shop to shop. It’s a great place to spend a Saturday or Sunday, quiet, quaint and quite a special place. The whole street makes me happy but the candle shop is just a magical place that takes you back in time with all of its’ colorful charm.

DSC04970Isn’t it the most charming of places? I just want to live here!

DSC04968If someone were to visit, I would just say, “The little white house with the candle on it…”

DSC04963I wish you could scratch and sniff the screen, the smell is what I imagine heaven would smell like.

DSC04965Tapers line the ceilings…pillar candles frame the counter…And don’t forget to take a peek of the wax dripped stove, the colors are mesmerizing…

DSC04977Ahh…a little piece of happiness at home…

These candles are handmade, burn beautifully and make a wonderful gift. If you live in the metro area, it’s worth the ride just to come and see this special place in person. Enjoy!

You can visit the little candle shop in person at 1378 County Road 13 Sugarloaf, NY 10981. Reach out at (845) 469-4927 or visit virtually at