Kombucha Spritzer

Mmm…I love kombucha and they re-released the alcoholic version! (*cheers & claps*)  I have been waiting patiently for the day and am happy to be enjoying it once again. Now you have to be 21 to buy it though. My feelings get a little hurt when I’m not asked for ID, sigh, but that’s ok as long as I have the goods, lol. As GT’s bottle states, “Kombucha is a cultured tea that is low in alcohol however federal law requires a warning statement on any product that may contain more than 0.5% of alcohol per volume.” It’s the brown bottle labelled “classic” and to my surprise, I saw a new flavor not seen yet, “Third Eye Chai” and I immediately thought this calls for a fun Friday cocktail. It’s so easy and I hope you enjoy this and your weekend!

  • 8 oz. Third Eye Chai kombucha
  • 4 oz. chilled black tea sweetened with honey

Combine in a pretty glass and enjoy.

Aww my honey must be thinking of me, my scoby is heart shaped! lol. Don’t be afraid of the scoby, it’s just bacteria and yeast, oh wow, sounds worse now that I explained it a little bit. But essentially kombucha is a health drink and it does require an acquired taste as it’s a bit of a mix in flavor of vinegar, beer and wine. Once you try it, I’m sure you’ll become a fan, it just may take a little time. For anyone new to kombucha, try the mango flavor as a starter and nothing beats gingerade on a hot day to quench your thirst!